Posture – Why is having a good posture so important anyway?

Well, aesthetically it’s definitely better but why is it better for my health?

Having poor posture especially when seated for long hours can lead to increased low back pain and neck pain. As muscles tense up from being in one position for too long it can lead to compensation and weakening of other muscles which can then over time lead to discomfort and pain.

If you have a weak core, and slouched over all the time it is almost impossible to breathe properly, because your diaphragm is not able to move as it should.
Yes thats right, your slouched posture can cause you to take shallow breaths leading to lower oxygen consumption, i definitely don’t need to go over why oxygen is important  but this is the last thing we need to add to the stress burden we carry day in and out.

Everyone, but especially those who have chronic health conditions needs as much oxygen as they can get during healing / recovering.

If you battle with fatigue, autoimmune conditions, imbalances in hormones, high cortisol levels, PCOS, endometriosis, metabolism function problems and depression /anxiety, YOU need to fix your posture, strengthen your core and learn to breath full deep belly breaths from time to time.


Published by Marizelle

Hi! My name is Marizelle Eggers. I am a Biokineticist, Sports Scientist, Sports massage therapist, trained Specialized Kinesiologist, passionate about Movement, Nutrition and Mindset. I am dedicated to helping and guiding individuals to become the best version of themselves - Mind, Body, Spirit. Thank you for checking in, and welcome! I am all about living a health focused lifestyle, I encourage creating long lasting sustainable habits which lead to living your best life. My mission is to enlighten you about the effects of movement, nutrition and a healthy mental state on well-being. There is no 'one size fits' all approach to living optimally, we are all individuals, but I can guide you in a way that works best for you, your lifestyle and needs. My special interests are educating and helping my patients to better help themselves, I have a huge passion for woman's health and helping woman with hormones issues as well as rehabilitation required for chronic diseases and transforming lives through mindset, movement and nutrition. Get in touch if you would like to learn more.

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